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Mentoring Program MuT

Achieving our objectives: Junior researchers at the Center are able to use the successful mentoring program MuT (“Mentoring and Training”) for career planning.

The MuT program of the state conference of the equal opportunity commissioner of Baden-Württemberg supports highly-qualified female junior researchers with the objective of successfully tapping their career potential and opportunities.

It supports their professional and personal development and a directed career-planning process. Through the MuT program, participants have the opportunity to establish supportive relationships with established male and female scholars, overcoming structural barriers as well as gaining academic knowledge and experience.

Cooperation Agreement Signed

To make optimal use of the expertise and the established instruments of the MuT Program, the Center of Excellence has signed an agreement of cooperation. The goal of this linkage is to strengthen the competence of post-docs in the Center’s disciplinary groupings, institutes, research groups and Ph.D. program.  Directed workshops and training sessions will improve their credentials for international careers in research and teaching. In addition, outstanding professors will be made available for mentoring relationships with every student.

Opportunities in the Mentoring Program

For one, this makes it possible to draw upon the knowledge and experience of the mentors as well as improved access to networks, building upon informal working relationships for scholarly exchange as well as opportunities for taking over certain tasks in the mentor’s field of activities.

In addition, students will be encouraged to take an active role in planning their personal and professional careers. This can take place through active encouragement and attention as well as directed advising on professional situations, the development of qualifications, and how to improve one’s professional and scholarly outlook.

Besides the formation of such partnerships, it will also be crucial that all participants (mentors and mentees) engage in interdisciplinary exchange and networking.


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