Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster: Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration

Master Classes and Summer Schools

Graduate and undergraduate students who have been recruited internationally will discuss their research projects in master classes and summer schools with distinguished scholars.

Master Classes

The master classes bring together graduate students in Konstanz with junior researchers from across the globe to work on a common topic. For fourteen-day sessions, they present their research projects for consideration - and two internationally renowned scholars in the humanities and social sciences respond.

An example of the enriching exercise is the “Konstanzer Meisterklasse”, conceived by Bernhard Giesen and successful for a number of years, which is now sponsored by the Center.

Summer Schools

These Summer Schools offer German and international students a view of the research environment in Constance, explicitly addressing the research topics of the Center. Addressed are students (including doctoral students) from German and international universities.

The conceptual prototype is the long-established Summer School for Literary Studies in Constance.

Supporting Program

Accompanying fellowships will attract excellent students and junior researchers from across the world to Constance’s Master Classes and Summer Schools. Participants are also to be integrated into the research and training linkages made possible by the Center of Excellence.