Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster „Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration“

Varieties of Academic Labour Markets in Europa

8. November 2018

Dr. Alexandre Afonso, Assistant Professor
Leiden University, Institute of Public Administration

Joint Public Lecture & Reception by Zukunftskolleg and Academic Staff Development

Zukunftskolleg and Academic Staff Development jointly invite to a public lecture on academic job markets in Europe. Alexandre Afonso is assistant professor at the University of Leiden. In his research he deals we differences in labour market entry barriers and fixed-term versus permanent working contracts across different European countries. The lecture will close with a small reception and information on support measures for junior researchers at the University of Konstanz.

Please register by 5 November to zukunftskolleg[at]uni-konstanz.de

Additional information

Thu, 8. November 2018, 15:15
Universität Konstanz, Room A 703


Daniela Kromrey zukunftskolleg[at]uni-konstanz.de