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En quête d'archives / In Search of Archives

23. Januar 2019

Contemporary Approaches to the Past

Workshop in Kooperation mit Archive Kabinett
finanziert von der Volkswagenstiftung
Organisation: Sarah Dornhof und Nadia Sabri

Sarah Dornhof ist Fellow im Kulturwissenschaftlichen Kolleg Konstanz.

Mi-Fr 23.-26. Januar 2019
Berlin-Wedding, Silent Green Kulturquartier, Kuppelhalle

The conference and exhibition “En quête d’archives / In search of archives”  inquires into contemporary notions and practices of the archive in postcolonial constellations. While the state of archives in former colonial settings is continuously marked by limited access, dispersed documents, and repressed histories, contemporary art and research have been opening various ways of appropriating, (re)collecting, and rendering visible the divers traces and memories, creating new meanings and potentialities of the past for the present and the future. 

“En quête d’archives / In search of archives” aims to create a platform for discussing contemporary politics, transformations, and potentials of postcolonial archives, and to open an exchange between different academic and artistic research practices and approaches. The archive, in its material, metaphorical, and imaginary dimensions thus becomes a space for questioning historical narratives and persisting absences as well for developing new forms of knowledge, research, connection and artistic creation. 

The conference and exhibition are open to the public.
Presentations are in French, English and German, with simultaneous translation.


Sarah Dornhof dornhof.sarah[at]gmail.com



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