Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster „Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration“

Neuerscheinung: The Will to Meaning. Protestant Reactions to Darwinism in Nineteenth-Century Germany. Von Bernhard Kleeberg

24. Februar 2009

In: Mandelbrote, Scott / van der Meer, Jitse (Hgg.): Interpreting Nature and Scripture: History of a Dialogue in the Abrahamic Religions. 

Leiden: Brill, 2009 (Brill's Series in Church History, 37), S. 257–291.

The four companion volumes of Nature and Scripture in the Abrahamic Religions contribute to a contextual evaluation of the mutual influences between scriptural exegesis and hermeneutics on the one hand and practices or techniques of interpretation in natural philosophy and the natural sciences on the other.

We seek to raise the low profile this theme has had both in the history of science and in the history of biblical interpretation. Furthermore, questions about the interpretation of scripture continue to be provoked by current theological reflection on scientific theories. We also seek to provide a historical context for renewed reflection on the role of the hermeneutics of scripture in the development of theological doctrines that interact with the natural sciences. (Verlag)

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kleeberg ist Juniorprofessor für Wissenschaftsgeschichte der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften an der Universität Konstanz. Er forscht im Exzellenzcluster zu „Bad Habits. Second Nature between Environment and Self-control“.