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Neuerscheinung: Global Governance. Why? What? Whither? Von Thomas G. Weiss

28. August 2013


Cambridge: Polity Press 2013

Friends and foes of international cooperation puzzle about how to explain order, stability, and predictability in a world without a central authority. How is the world governed in the absence of a world government?
This probing yet accessible book examines “global governance” or the sum of the informal and formal values, norms, procedures, and institutions that help states, intergovernmental organizations, civil society, and transnational corporations identify, understand, and address trans-boundary problems. The chasm between the magnitude of a growing number of global threats – climate change, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, financial instabilities, pandemics, to name a few – and the feeble contemporary political structures for international problem-solving provide compelling reasons to read this book.
Fitful, tactical, and short-term local responses exist for a growing number of threats and challenges that require sustained, strategic, and longer-run global perspectives and action. Can the framework of global governance help us to better understand the reasons behind this fundamental disconnect as well as possible ways to attenuate its worst aspects? Thomas G. Weiss replies with a guardedly sanguine “yes.” (Verlag)

Der Politikwissenschaftler Prof. Dr. Thomas G. Weiss ist international anerkannter Experte für die Politik der Vereinten Nationen. Er ist Direktor des Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies New York und Professor an der City University of New York (CUNY) sowie der University of London. 2012 und 2013 war er mehrere Monate Gast des Kulturwissenschaftlichen Kollegs Konstanz, wo das vorliegende Buch entstand.