Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster „Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration“

Wichtige Neuerscheinungen in den Central Asian Studies diskutiert

24. November 2017

Cover der diskutierten Bücher

The last three years have seen a flourishing of anthropological and historical monographs on Central Asia. At the workshop held in September at the Institute for Advanced Study, University of Konstanz, the participants discussed the findings of 15 of the most recent monographs on the subject and reflected on “The Future of Central Asian Studies.“

the video and audio records at streaming.uni-konstanz.de

Thus, the workshop facilitated a series of focused discussions that emerged from bringing the texts into conversation with one another.

  • How can material from Central Asia inform conceptual debates about order, knowledge,  modernity, empire, religion and resources in the widest sense?
  • What can be gained from drawing together anthropological and historical scholarship on law and empire, or dynamics of peace and conflict?
  • How can we better integrate the history and anthropology of Afghanistan to allow comparison with the rest of Central Asia?

The workshop was organised by Judith Beyer and Madeleine Reeves.