Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster „Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration“

(Learning) The Grammar of the Act

2. Mai 2019


Ausstellung mit Werken von Liat Grayver

Liat Grayver ist von Oktober 2018 bis Juli 2019 Artist in Resicence am Kulturwissenschaftlichen Kolleg Konstanz.

For May 2019 I am planning to present my first solo exhibition in Konstanz, titled "(Learning) The Grammar of the Act", which will examine and reflect on the structure and use of the medium of painting in relation to contemporary technological innovations. Methods of human expressiveness and manners of visualization of information in the post-digital age will be a key focus of the works comprising the exhibition. The space will bring together several collaborative works from recent years that varyingly employ robotic technologies, motion tracking, video, printmaking and painting. As a whole, this body of works investigates the relation between organic practices and machine-based systems, both of which are used to create structures from physical actions (operation) and from the mind (perception).

"(Learning) The Grammar of the Act" is a series of works — paintings, digital works and videobased materials — created through the interaction of human, computer and robotics, investigating the relation between the physical actions (manipulation of materials) and the visual outcome. My interest in presenting the visualization of subject matter in the form of a composed exhibition is the creation of rules and protocols for the repetition of a certain creative act such that the act itself can then feature as the subject matter of the work. For example, using movement analysis, time can be transformed into a defined space (e.g., a painting surface) and this act can subsequently be decomposed and recomposed into the material world in the form of a painting. When this process is made visible in the work, it translates into an artistic experience for the viewers that assists them in the discovery of patterns and structures, the perception of which can help augment their understanding and appreciation of the artwork.

Do, 2. Mai 2019 bis Fr. 24. Mai 2019
Universität Konstanz, Foyer der Bibliothek


Liat Grayver liat.gra01[at]gmail.com