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Neuerscheinungen: Aktuelle Aufsätze von Mitgliedern des Exzellenzclusters

7. Januar 2011

Ein Wordle aus Zeitschriftentiteln

Eine Liste von jüngst erschienenen Aufsätzen in Zeitschriften und Sammelbänden.

Eva Blome, Patrick Eiden-Offe, Manfred Weinberg: Klassen-Bildung. Ein Problemaufriss. In: Internationales Archiv für Sozialgeschichte der deutschen Literatur (IASL). 35, 2 (2010), S. 158–194.

The article aims at a revision of the term ‘class’ and its theoretical history that is informed both by cultural theory and literary concepts. The new understanding of ‘class’ is connected with the German idea of Bildung. The literary historical relevance of the resulting offspring Klassen-Bildung is then applied to the genres of the German Bildungsroman and autobiography. Finally, we take a look at recent developments in social history that disclose a strong convergence towards our research initiative. (Abstract)

Isabelle de Keghel: Western in style, socialist in content? Visual representations of GDR consumer culture in the “Neue Berliner Illustrierte” (1953-64). In: Sari Autio-Sarasmo, Brendan Humphreys (Hg.): Winter Kept us Warm. Cold War Interactions Reconsidered, Helsinki 2010, S. 76-106.

Winter Kept Us Warm is an exercise in New Cold War history, examining the paradox of cooperation and interaction that took place within that conflict. Human encounters on many levels are recorded; footballers in the GDR, American orchestras and exhibitions in the USSR, Icelandic communists and New York publishers, plus cinema and “socialist” consumerism are all examined in chapters that inform and complement each other. An outcome of the Cold War Interactions Reconsidered conference, which marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, this volume is the first in the Aleksanteri Cold War Series. The new series is the outlet of the Aleksanteri Cold War Research Group. This book-series is dedicated to providing an arena for new approaches to and fresh interpretations of the Cold War era, and this book is the first volume published in the series.

Timo Noetzel: Germany's Small War in Afghanistan: Military Learning Amid Politico-Strategic Inertia. In: Contemporary Security Policy, 31, 3 (2010), S. 486-508.

Sven Reichardt: Is „Warmth“ a Mode of Social Behaviour? Considerations on a Cultural History of the Left-Alternative Milieu from the Late 1960s to the Mid 1980s. In: Behemoth. A Journal on Civilisation, 3, 2 (2010).

The article deals with the comprehensive counter-cultural milieu from the late 1960s until the early 1980s. Life style and habitus within this undogmatic and widely peaceful radical leftist milieu were practised according to a conduct of warmth. This alternative conduct of warmth corresponded with developments in the increasing individualized consumer society of the Federal Republic of Germany. The counter-cultural social behaviour was neither a departure into the land of freedom nor into a reign of normlessness. It was a form of self-guidance and governmentality with its own contradictions and coercions.

Martin Welz: Zimbabwe's ‘Inclusive Government’: Some Observations on its First 100 Days. In: The Round Table, 99, 411 (2010), S. 605-619.

Zimbabwe seemed to be in a political transition—but only on the surface. In actual fact, the new government established under the power-sharing agreement between President Mugabe and newly elected Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai proved unsuccessful in its first 100 days owing to continued rivalry and a lack of commitment on behalf of Mugabe and his party.  […]

Hinweis: Aufgrund der Vielzahl von Neuerscheinungen aus dem Cluster werden Aufsätze an dieser Stelle künftig gesammelt angekündigt.