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Cultures of High-Frequency Trading and their Regulations

22. Juni 2015


Part two of the international workshop series “Investigating High-Frequency Trading: Cultural, Social and Anthropological Perspectives”

The international workshop series “Investigating High-Frequency Trading: Cultural, Social and Anthropological Perspectives” brings together for the first time internationally renowned experts on High Frequency Trading (HFT) from the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies.


  • Christian Borch (Copenhagen)
  • Nathan Coombs (Edinburgh)
  • Roland Gemayel (London)
  • Ann-Christina Lange (Copenhagen)
  • Karin Knorr Cetina (Chicago/Konstanz)
  • Alexandre Laumonier (Paris/Brussels)
  • Marc Lenglet (Paris)
  • Donald Mackenzie (Edinburgh)
  • Yuval Millo (Leicester)
  • Juan Pablo Pardo Guerra (London, LSE)
  • Alex Preda (London, King’s College)
  • Robert Seyfert (Konstanz)

The interdisciplinary series, which comprises three workshops held every six months in three different cities (Copenhagen, Konstanz, Paris), will focus on the cultural, political, and social aspects of HFT. Scholars from the fields of sociology, anthropology, media studies, as well as the history and philosophy of economy will discuss their current research. Additionally, the workshops will feature (confirmed) invited guest speakers who are experts and practitioners of the field, including regulators from the Bank of England, as well as members of high-frequency trading firms and electronic exchanges.

The workshop taking place in Konstanz will be the second in a three part series of international workshops. The first meeting, focusing on “HFT Sociality, Crowd Psychology and Dynamic Collectives”, took place in 24–25 November 2014 at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

Mon–Tue, 22–23 June 2015
University of Konstanz, Senatssaal V1001


Dr. Robert Seyfert robert.seyfert[at]uni-konstanz.de
or algos[at]uni-konstanz.de

The international workshop series “Investigating High-Frequency Trading” is organized by Ann-Christina Lange, Marc Lenglet and Robert Seyfert.

The Konstanz workshop is hosted by Karin Knorr Cetina and Robert Seyfert with support of the Cluster of Excellence, Cultural Foundations of Social Integration, at Universität Konstanz.

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