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Misunderstanding, methodology and context in cross-cultural pragmatics

26. Mai 2011

Dr. Robert Crawshaw (Manchester)

Arbeitsgespräch des Kulturwissenschaftlichen Kollegs  im Rahmen des 6. Workshops zum Schwerpunktthema „Kulturalisierung“

My presentation, which derives from the work of the Pragmatics and Intercultural Communication Project, will briefly consider the rise of cross-cultural pragmatics as a field of study.  Against this background, I shall illustrate occurrences of 'complaint' arising from apparent misunderstandiings between language teaching assistants and teachers in French and English schools and address the question of the extent to which these can be said to be due to cultural or other factors.

Text zur Vorbereitung

Intertextual data from the 'PIC Project' Pragmatics and Intercultural Communication

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