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Neuerscheinung: Cyber War Will Not Take Place. Von Thomas Rid

17. Mai 2013


London: Hurst 2013

This book will be welcomed by all those who have struggled to get the measure of the 'cyber-war' threat. As Thomas Rid takes on the digital doomsters he also provides a comprehensive, authoritative and sophisticated analysis of the strategic quandaries created by the new technologies. (Sir Lawrence Freedman, Professor of War Studies, King's College London)

Rid’s work is undoubtedly impressive, relying on a wealth of diverse sources to provide little-known, tantalising details of known “cyber security incidents” […]. (Julia Muravska, London School of Economics and Political Science)


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Dr. Thomas Rid ist Reader für War Studies am King's College, London und Non-resident-Fellow am Center for Transatlantic Relations der Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC. Das vorliegende Buch entstand u.a. während Rids Forschungsaufenthaltes am Kulturwissenschaftlichen Kolleg Konstanz zwischen Oktober 2010 und September 2011.