Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster „Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration“

Neuerscheinung: Die Selbstkulturalisierung der Stadt. Von Andreas Reckwitz

27. April 2009

Zur Transformation städtischer Urbanität in der „creative city“. In: Mittelweg 36, 18,2 (2009),  S. 2-34.

Since the 1990s, urban development has employed the concept of “creative cities”. Taking this label as its point of departure, this contribution explores the transformation of Western urbanity since the 1970s as the replacement of models of bourgeois and functional cities with notions of culturally-oriented governmentality.After discussing the concepts proposed by the protagonistsof the “creative city” (Florida, Landry), the article develops parameters for a cultural sociology of the city and for a historical sociology of the transformation of urban life. These sections form the basis for an analysis of the characteristics of contemporary, culturally-oriented cities (art scene, creative industries, transformation of high culture, consumer culture, aesthetisized neighborhoods, solitary architectural works), the development of which has itself become an area of conflict. (Abstract)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Reckwitz ist maßgeblich beteiligter Wissenschaftler des Exzellenzclusters und zurzeit Kollegiat am Kulturwissenschaftlichen Kolleg Konstanz. Er forscht zu „Genealogie und Praxis des Kreativsubjekts“.