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New release: Beyond the Fifth Century. Edited by Ingo Gildenhard and Martin Revermann

19. August 2010


Interactions with Greek tragedy from the fourth century BCE to the Middle Ages. New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2010.


  • Ingo Gildenhard: Buskins & SPQR : Roman Receptions of Greek Tragedy, 153-185.

“Beyond the Fifth Century” brings together 13 sholars from a range of disciplines (Classics Theatre Studies, Ancient History, Mediaeval Studies) to exlore interactions with Greek tragedy from the 4th century BCE up to the Middle Ages. The volume breaks new ground in several ways: in its chronological scope the various modes of reception considered, the pervasive interest in interactions between tragedy and society-at-large, and the pursuit of comparative vistas. (Editor)

Dr. Ingo Gildenhard is alumnus of the Institute for Advanced Study Konstanz (April-September 2009); research project “Rome’s imperial discourse: Studies in the historical semantics of empire and autocracy, from Cicero to Augustine.” The book presented here has been finished during Gildenhard's residence in Konstanz.