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New release: The Other Rupture of 1989: The Rushdie Affair as the Inaugural Event of Representations of Post-secular Conflict. By Nicole Falkenhayner

20. January 2010

cover of the journal Global Society

In: Global Society, 24, 1 (2010), 111-132.

This text investigates the cultural context in which the Rushdie affair has been embedded 20 years after the event. Remembering the Rushdie affair in Britain has transformed the rupture into a suture, establishing a narrative link between this event, 9/11, the “war on terror” and the London bombings in 2005. In an emergent historiography, I propose, the discursive idiom of a globalised conflict of “the West” and “Islam” is represented within self-descriptions of British multi-ethnic society. The relationship between aspects of multiculturalism and post-secular conflict is analysed as the development of a (g)local memory culture in which globalised developments and localised representations interact. In the last part of this contribution, Jürgen Habermas's proposal for a post-secular public sphere is interrogated concerning the search for a basis for convivial exchange in the face of value pluralism. (abstract)

Nicole Falkenhayner is research associate in the research group “Idioms of Social Analysis.” Research project “Representation and memory: the Rushdie Affair.”