Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster „Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration“

German Research Foundation to fund ”Cultural Foundations of Social Integration” Center of Excellence for another five years

15. June 2012

Postman. Art work by Heiner Blum

Postman. Art work by Heiner Blum

Established in the framework of the nationwide Excellence Competition of October 2006, the ”Cultural Foundations of Social Integration” Center of Excellence has been successful in this year's extension of the competition once again. Researchers cooperating connected with this interdisciplinary research association will be able to explore the cultural foundations of social integration for another five years.

Prof. Rudolf Schlögl, spokesperson of the Center stated:

In our scholarly research over the past six years, we have explored new thematic fields and opened them up for future basic research in cultural studies. This research will also focus intensely on crucial areas of social conflict in a globalized world. We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to continue this interdisciplinary research with substantial financial support.
In addition, during the first funding phase, the “Cultural Foundations of Social Integration” Center of Excellence established itself  institutionally as an experimental field within the university, one that has generated innovative, highly networked collaborative research structures. Consequently, it has now become   important to address the question of how to sustain the Center beyond 2017—a process that will involve transforming it into a Cultural Studies Research Center at the University of Konstanz.
Our present success is the result of long-term collaborative effort. I offer heartfelt thanks to everyone for this dedicated commitment, and my special congratulations to those colleagues in positions at the university financed by the Center.

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