Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster: Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration

Dr. Ramona Arfire


Porträt Ramona Arfire

2007 Dr. phil., Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Hamburg

2004-2006 Scholarship, Friedrich Ebert Foundation

2000-2002 Study of Criminology, University of Hamburg

1996-1999 Teaching and research assistant, Law Faculty, West University, Timisoara, Romania

1991-1996 Study of Philosophy and of Education, West University, Timisoara, Romania

Research Concentrations

Identities, social exclusion, justice and criminal justice, migration; theories of crime and criminalisation; transnational and cosmopolitan issues

Function within the Center

Alumna of the Institute for Advanced Study Konstanz (October 2008-March 2009)
about the Institute for Advanced Study

Research project “The Waste Land”: Transnational moral panics and collective identities. The case of Romanian migrants in Western Europe

Selected Publication

Arfire, Ramona: The Moral Regulation of the Second Europe: Transition,
Europeanization and the Romanians. In: Critical Sociology, July, 2011
0896920510398017, 2011.