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Julian Bernauer


Porträt Julian Bernauer

As of 09/2007   Research Associate, Chair for Comparative Policy Research and Administrative Sciences, University of  Konstanz, Prof. Dr. Christoph Knill

05–08/2007   Research Associate, Chair for Policy Analysis and Political Theory, Prof. Dr. Adrian Vatter, University of Konstanz

02–04/2007   Research Associate with Prof. Dr. Markus Freitag, Chair for Comparative Communal and Regional Politics at the University of Konstanz

10/2001–11/2006   Studies in Administrative Sciences with a profile in policy analysis and evaluation research, University of Konstanz

10/2004–03/2005   Study abroad (Erasmus) at University College Cork, Ireland

03–09/2003   Work in the Berlin office of a Representative to the Bundestag

Research Areas

Conflicts of loyalty in transnational organizations, theory of preference formation

Function within the Center

Research project, “National Administrations in Transnational Intergration: On Empiricism and the Legal Management of Administrative Loyalty Conflicts”


Tel. ++49 7531 88-2321
E-Mail julian.bernauer[at]uni-konstanz.de 

Room D 307
University of Konstanz