Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster: Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration

Gerold Gerber


Porträt Gerold Gerber

1978 - 1987 Helfenstein Gymnasium, Geislingen / Steige

1987 - 1994 Studies in Business Administration at the University of Augsburg with a focus on Economic Sociology (Masters Thesis on “Workers’ Self-Management in the Malta Drydocks”)

1994 - 1999 European University Institute, Florenz (Department of Political and Social Sciences)

Since 1999 Research associate at the University of Konstanz, initially at the Chair for Macrosociology (Prof. Dr. Bernhard Giesen), including the Special Research Area 485 Norm and Symbol; then at the Center of Excellence “Cultural Foundations of Integration”, 2007-2010 responsible for organizing the Konstanz Meisterklasse

Research Areas

Ethnology, Cultural Sociology, Sociology of the Everyday, Postmodern Historiography, Colonialism, Cultural Contact

Functions within the Center

Organization of the Konstanz Meisterklasse, an event of Prof. Dr. Bernhard Giesen
Konstanzer Meisterklasse

Dissertation “Boundaring. An Inquiry into the Construction of Identity and Non-identity in Malta”

Selected Publications

Gerber, Gerold: Doing Christianity and Europe: An Inquiry Into Memory, Boundary and Truth Practises in Malta, in Bo Strath (ed.): Europe and the Other and Europe as the Other, Brussels: Peter Lang 2000:229-277

Gerber, Gerold: Interviews as Cross-cultural Encounters in Malta,Copenhagen 2002, Link http://www.anthrobase.com/Txt/G/Gerber_G_01.htm

Gerber, Gerold et al.: Ethnographie des Burgentourismus in Süddeutschland, Forschungsbericht der Teilgruppe Ethnographie im Rahmen des Projektseminars Tourismus von Prof. Dr. Bernhard Giesen (WS 06/07), Konstanz: Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz 2007


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