Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster „Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration“

Junior Professorship of Economic History

Julia Laura Rischbieter
Prof. Dr. Julia Laura Rischbieter

This junior professorship advocates a cultural-historically expanded approach to economic history which endeavors to lead to a new understanding of long-term socio-economic processes of global scope by examining them from the perspective of actors, institutions and discourses in the social field of the “economy.”

Macroeconomic developments of long duration are analyzed in teaching and research on the basis of empirical case studies in order to discuss fundamental issues of historical science such as the question of the significance of semantics, structures and individual actions for social change.

The courses of the assistant professorship deal, above all, with thematic fields of economic history in modern and recent history from a global historical standpoint. The courses deal in detail with individual aspects such as the finance markets, international trade, the consumer society and the modern industrial age and inquire into the effects of global dynamics in various cultural contexts and into the influence of actors and local institutions of economic life on global processes.


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