Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster: Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration

Muriel Kaufmann


1997 until 2003  Study of Law at the University of Konstanz

2000 until 2002  Student Research Assistant, Chair in State and Administrative Law (Prof. Dr. Max-Emanuel Geis)

January 2003  First juristic state examination

September 2003 until June 2004  Postgraduate studies at the Europa Collegium (Europakolleg) in Bruges with the degree of Master of European Community Law, LL.M., funded through a fellowship from the state of Baden-Württemberg

2004 until 2006  Legal Clerkship (Referendariat) in Heidelberg

October 2006  Second juristic state examination

Since April 2007  Research Associate, Chair in Public Law and European Law (Prof. Dr. Christoph Schönberger)

Research Areas

European law, international law, international administrative cooperation, federalism

Function within the Center

Research project “National Administrations in Transnational Integration“ (Michael Bauer; Christoph Knill; Hans Christian Röhl; Christoph Schönberger, Michael Schlichenmaier)


Tel. ++49 7531 88-3453
E-Mail muriel.kaufmann[at]uni-konstanz.de

Room Y 311
University of Konstanz