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Prof. Dr. Christoph Knill


Porträt Christoph Knill
Academic Training

1984-1988 Study at the Polytechnic for Public Administration in Ludwigsburg

1988-1991 Study of Administrative/Management Sciences at the University of Konstanz

1994 Doctoral degree (Dr. rer. soc.) at the University of Bielefeld, Faculty for Sociology

1999 Habilitation in the field of Political Science at the FernUniversität Hagen, Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Humanities

Professional Experience

1992-1994 Research Associate, Faculty for Sociology, University of Bielefeld

1994-1995 Guest Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Social Research in Cologne

1995-1998 Senior Research Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence

1998-2000 Research Associate in the Max Planck Project Group “Law of Common Property“ in Bonn

10/2000-02/2004 Professor (C3) of Political Science (European Studies) at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena

Since March 2004 Professor (C4) of Politics and Management at the University of Konstanz as well as Dean of Studies in the Department of Politics and Management


2010 European Research Council Advanced Grant

Function within the Center

Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study Konstanz (October 2010-March 2011)
Research project “Kulturelle, institutionelle und interessenbasierte Narrative hochschulpolitischen Stellungswandels im Bologna-Prozess”

Research Project “The Transnational Integration of National Administrations” (Prof. Dr. Hans Christian Röhl, Prof. Dr. Christoph Schönberger, Dr. Michael Bauer, Muriel Kaufmann, Michael Schlichenmaier)

Associated research project “Moral Policy Change” (supported by the European Research Council)

Selected Publications

(mit Michael Dobbins) Convergence Towards a Common Model? Higher Education Policy in CEE Countries. Governance 2009

(mit Michael W. Bauer and Jale Tosun) Neglected Faces of Europeanization. The Differential Impact of the EU on the Dismantling and Expansion of Domestic Policies. Public Administration 2009

(mit Katharina Holzinger and Thomas Sommerer) Environmental Policy Convergence: The Impact of International Harmonization, Transnational Communication and Regulatory Competition. International Organization 62 (3), 553-587, 2008

(mit Tim Balint and Michael W. Bauer) Bureaucratic Change in the European Administrative Space. The Case of the European Commission. West European Politics 31 (4), 677-700, 2008

(mit Peter Hille) It's the Bureaucracy, Stupid": The Implementation of the Acquis Communautaire in EU Candidate Countries 1999-2003. European Union Politics 7 (4), 531-552, 2006

(mit Andrea Lenschow): Compliance, Competition and Communication: Different Approaches of European Governance and their Impact on National Institutions. Journal of Common Market Studies 43 (3), 583-606, 2005

Cross-national policy convergence: concepts, approaches and explanatory factors. Journal of European Public Policy 12 (5), 764-774, 2005

(mit Dirk Lehmkuhl) Private Actors and the State: Internationalization and Changing Patterns of Governance. Governance 5 (1), 41-64, 2002

The Europeanization of National Administrations. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001

(mit Andrea Lenschow) "Seek and Ye Shall Find": Linking Different Perspectives on Institutional Change. Comparative Political Studies 34 (2), 187-215, 2001


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E-Mail christoph.knill[at]uni-konstanz.de

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