Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster: Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration

Information for scholars of other institutions

Funding could be provided for:

  • Professors and postdocs outside the university and the institutions cooperating with the Cluster who have the relevant research profile.
  • Persons doing scientific work – for example in the cultural and journalistic fields – or are directly involved in integration issues. (On this point see also the Artist-in-Residence-Fellowship)

Ways of applying

For scholars at universities and research institutes outside the University of Konstanz there were several ways of applying for a post as a fellow or guest of the Institute for Advanced Study:

  • Proposals for external candidates (fellows or guests) could be made by members or cooperation partners of the Center of Excellence. Direct application by scholars themselves was not possible.
  • Persons who had contact with scholars at the Center could approach them.
  • Once a year the Institute for Advanced Study offered two scholarships for which qualified postdocs could apply.

The academic plenary assembly of the Center of Excellence usually decided in spring and fall on the award of scholarships for the following year.