Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster: Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration

Live and Work

reader in Seeburg castle
reader in Seeburg castle

The Institute for Advanced Study offered its fellows a peaceful working atmosphere in two historical yet modernly equipped buildings.

The main, eighteenth-century structure, known as the Bischofsvilla (Bishop's mansion), is located on the banks of the Rhine. In adjacent (Swiss) Kreuzlingen, fellows worked in picturesque, nineteenth-century Schloss Seeburg on the banks of Lake Constance.

Both buildings offered modern study rooms. Rooms set aside for events allowed fellows and visiting scholars to hold seminars, workshops, and discussions on location.

Together the two buildings housed the 4000-volume library bequeathed in 2007 by Wolfgang Iser—a distinguished professor of English literature at Konstanz and one of the university’s founding members.

The Institute offered its fellows and guests the following research services (available also after the end of their stay at the Institute):

  • translation of book-chapters and essays for the sake of publication in English (or other languages),
  • funding of publication subsidies,
  • invitation of short-term guests,
  • support for workshops

Fellows and visiting scholars were offered furnished apartments rented by the Institute and located only a few minutes from the Institute by foot, bicycle, or bus.