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Prof. Dr. Martin Löhnig


Porträt Martin Löhnig

Study of Law

Ph.D. (2001) and Habilitation (2006) in Regensburg

since 1 March 2007 Professor of Civil Law, History of Law and Church Law in Konstanz

Research Areas

History of Law: Legal history, in particular of the 19th and 20th century, especially legal standardization through judgments, influencing of the legislation of smaller states by means of  guiding state laws and the new orientation of civil law since 1945

Civil Law: Dogmatic fundamental questions of civil law, family law and inheritance law, with reference to neighboring disciplines

Function within the Center

Research Project: “Legal Standardization Despite Legal Binding (Rechtsbindung)? – The  Judgment of the Reich Court on the German  Particular Laws (Partikularrechten) between 1879 and 1909“

Selected Publications

Staff on the Encyclopedia of Modernity (2005ff.) edited by the Cultural-Scientific Institute at the  Wissenschaftszentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen

Spousal Gifts (Ehegattenschenkungen) in the General State Law for the Prussian States of 1794—Origin and Continuance of the Rules (2005)

Custodianship (Treuhand)– Maintenance and Conflicts of Interest (2006)

The Facts of Common-Law Partnerships (Monographic Commentary) (2007)

Protection of the Intellectual Property of Authors in Prussian State Law of 1794 (2007)


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