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New Releases

This is a selection of the most recent releases published by scholars involved in the Center of Excellence. You might find more publications on our German website.

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    25. November 2019

    New release: Making Peace in an Age of War. By Mark Hengerer

    Emperor Ferdinand III (1608–1657)
    English-language translation of "Kaiser Ferdinand III. (1608–1657). Eine Biographie" (Wien: Böhlau 2012)
    West Lafayette, Indiana: Purdue University Press 2019

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    14. October 2019

    New release: Dag Hammarskjöld, the United Nations and the Decolonisation of Africa. By Henning Melber

    London: Hurst Publishers 2019
    Oxford: Oxford University Press 2019

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    5. September 2019

    New release: Resignification of Borders. Edited by Nina Frieß and Konstantin Kaminskij

    Eurasianism and the Russian World
    Series: Ost-West-Express. Kultur und Übersetzung, Volume 37
    Berlin: Frank & Timme 2019

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    5. August 2019

    New release: Conflictual Aesthetics. By Oliver Marchart

    Artistic Activism and the Public Sphere
    Berlin: Sternberg Press 2019

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    11. June 2018

    New release: The Making of the Medieval Middle East. By Jack Tannous

    Religion, Society, and Simple Believers
    Princeton: Princeton University Press 2019

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    4. March 2019

    New release: Culture, Practice, and the Body. By Christian Meyer

    Conversational Organization and Embodied Culture in Northwestern Senegal
    Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler 2018

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    31. December 2018

    New release: Situating Global Art. Edited by Sarah Dornhof, Nanne Buurman, Birgit Hopfener and Barbara Lutz

    Topologies – Temporalities – Trajectories
    Bielefeld: transcript 2018

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    17. September 2018

    New release: The Wheel of Autonomy. By Felix Girke

    Rhetoric and Ethnicity in the Omo Valley
    New York: Berghahn Books 2018

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    23. July 2018

    New release: Jewish Underground Culture in the late Soviet Union. Edited by Klavdia Smola

    Special Issue, Journal "East European Jewish Affairs"
    Volume 48/1, April 2018

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    18. July 2018

    New release: The Polis in the Hellenistic World. Edited by Henning Börm and Nino Luraghi

    Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag 2018


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