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Kathrin Stutz


May 2007- Research Associate, chair in medieval history, Prof. Gabriela Signori, Universität Konstanz

1998-2007 Study of history, sociology, and art and media theory, Universität Konstanz

Summer semester 2005 Tutor, chair in medieval history with emphasis on constitutional history, Prof. Michael Richter

2003-2005 Research assistantship for Dr. Mark Hengerer, chair held by Prof. Rudolf Schlögl (University of Konstanz), in framework of research on “Norm and Symbol” (research area focused on “Organization of Symbols – Symbols of Organization. On the Medial Dimension of Early Modern Processes of Bureaucratization. The Example of Financial Management in the Empire [1520-1720]”)

2001-2003 in German Research Foundation project, “Mühlberg-Ensemble,” directed by Prof. Helmut Maurer (Universität Konstanz )

May-December 2000 Research assistant, chair of Prof. Rudolf Schlögl (Universität Konstanz)

Research Areas

Late medieval urban history

Function within the Center

Research project on “Sex, Choice of Name, and Matrimony” (with Prof. Dr. Gabriela Signori, Prof. Dr. Gaid Algazi, Dr. Christof Rolker, Karin Czaja, Lilach Assaf)

Theme of dissertation “Houses, House Names, House Brands: Material Culture and Identity in Late Medieval Stralsund”


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