Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster: Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration

Art Matters – Artistic Engagements with Cultural Memory in the Maghreb

Dr. Sarah Dornhof

This project examines contemporary art projects which interrogate marginalized, suppressed and overwritten aspects of cultural histories in the Maghreb. The aim is to establish an approach to cultural memories of this transcultural constellation by engaging in an interdisciplinary manner with the gaps, silences and fragmented traces that result from ideological and postcolonial forms of history writing in and about this region. Global entanglements create a need to recognize and account for heterogeneous, agonistic and often antagonistic memories which shape our historical present. 

Zur ausführlichen Projektdarstellung


Die Illustrationen von Valerie Lipscher entstanden 2018 im Rahmen des WissensArt-Projekts.

Als Bilderfries verbunden können die Illustrationen hier angeschaut werden.