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Neuerscheinung: Russia - Culture of (Non)Conformity. Herausgegeben von Klavdia Smola und Mark Lipovetsky

27. Juni 2018


From the Late Soviet Era to the Present
Special Issue, Journal "Russian Literature"
Volumes 96-98, February - May 2018

This special issue of the journal "Russian Literature" is the first attempt to juxtapose and compare the late Soviet and Putin eras in Russian nonconformist culture. In the course of its history nonconformist culture passed through several periods of transformation, undergoing important modifications, and experiencing a lengthy interruption in the 1990s. The present collection of papers ехamines shifts in Russian culture along the axis between conformity and nonconformity from the 1960s to the present. This focus on the exchange between the unofficial and official responds to the growing claim in recent scholarship, that it is necessary to approach late socialism and its countercultures as larger interacting discursive fields, and thus to complicate the previously assumed dichotomies. Moreover, the investigation of the hybridity of late socialism in the first part of the issue allows us to explore and understand the nuanced and even contradictory nature of (non)conformity after 2000 in the second part. (Herausgeberin)

Die Literaturwissenschaftlerin PD Dr. Klavdia Smola lehrt Slawische Literaturwissenschaft an der Universität Greifswald. Derzeit forscht sie als Fellow des Kulturwissenschaftlichen Kollegs Konstanz zum Thema „Kulturelle Gegenöffentlichkeit(en) in Russland: Von der späten Sowjetunion bis zur Gegenwart“.

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