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Prof. Naoki Sakai


Naoki Sakai

Present Full Professor with tenure, Departments of Asian Studies and of Comparative Literature, Cornell University, and in the Graduate Field of History and the Graduate Faculty of Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

August 2009 Membership on Advisory Committee.  The Flying University of Transnational Humanities, Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea

2002-2005 (Chair 2004-2005) The William Ripley Parker Prize Selection Committee in Modern Language Association of America

1996-2003 Founding Senior Editor, Editorial Collective, Traces, a Multi-lingual Series of Cultural Theory and Translation

June and July 2002 Lecturer for the School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University

Since 2000 Member of the Advisory Board: Postcolonial Studies, Oxford, UK

Since July 2000 Editorial Committee, Multitudes, Paris, France

Since 1993 Member of the Editorial Collective: Positions - east asia cultures critique, Duke University Press, Durham August 1979 – December 1983 M.A. and Ph.D., University of Chicago, Department of Far Eastern Languages and Civilizations

June 1971 B. A. in Philosophy, University of Tokyo, Faculty of Letters

Research Areas

Dislocation of the West, Philosophy and Imperial Nationalism

Function within the Center

Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study Konstanz (May-July 2011)
Research project “Dislocation of the West; Philosophy and Imperial Nationalism”

Selected Publications


Voices of the Past: The Status of Language in Eighteenth-Century Japanese Discourse. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1991. 349 pages.

Japanese translation thereof. Translated by Saito Hajime Kawada Jun, Suehiro Miki, Noguchi Ryohei, and Hama Kunihiko. Shohan. ed. Tokyo: Ibunsha, 2002. 570 pages.

Korean translation thereof, Seoul: Greenbee Publishers, 2011 Forthcoming.

The Stillborn of the Japanese as Language and as Ethnos: "Japanese" History–Geopolitical Configuration (in Japanese, Shisan sareru Nihongo Nihonjin). Tokyo: Shin'yôsha, 1996. 300 pages.

Korean translation thereof from the Japanese. Translated by Yi Tuk-chae. Seoul: Moonhwa Kwahaksa, 2003. 285 pages.

The Problem Called Japanese Thought: Translation and Subjectivity (in Japanese, Nihon shisô toiu mondai) Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 1997. 329 pages.

Translation and Subjectivity: On "Japan" and Cultural Nationalism. Public Worlds vol.3. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1997. 231 pages.

Korean translation thereof from the English. Translated by Fujii Takeshi. Seoul: Yeesan, 2005. 376 pages.

Poiesis of Nationalism (in Korean from the English and Japaense). Translated by Yi Kyu-su, and Yi Yŏn-suk. Chʻopʻan. ed. Seoul: Changbi, 2003. 263 pages.

Japan/Image/the United States: The Community of Sympathy and Imperial Nationalisms (in Japanese, Nihon/Ime-ji/Beikoku). Tokyo: Seidosha, 2007. 309 pages.

Korean translation thereof. Seoul: Greenbee, 2008. 336 pages.

Hope and the Constitution (in Japanese, Kibô to Kenpô). Tokyo: Ibunsha, in May, 2008. 315 pages.

Korean translation thereof, Seoul: Greenbee, 2011 Forthcoming

Co-authored books

with Lim Jiehyun, Pride and Prejudice (in Korean, 오만과편견).  Seoul: Humanist, 2003. 481 pages.

with Nishitani Osamu, The Destruction of "World History": Translation, Subjectivity, History (in Japanese, Sekaishi no Kaitai). Tokyo: Ibunsha, revised 2004. 374 pages.

Korean translation thereof from the Japanese.

Japanese translation thereof, Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 2011. Forthcoming.

with Hyon Joo Yoo: Trans-Pacific Studies and US-Japan Complicity. In: Naoki Sakai, Hyon Joo Yoo (Hg.): The Transpacific Imagination - Rethinking Boundary, Culture and Society. London, Singapore, New York: World Scientific Books 2012


Lesung „Kultur und Übersetzung“ mit Yoko Tawada und Naoki Sakai (Juni 2011) online ansehen/anhören