Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster „Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration“

Conference Papers

Julia von Blumenthal
Accomodating religious diversity in a unitary federal state: Islam in Germany

Régis Dandoy
Territorial Reforms, Decentralisation and Party Preferences in Belgium

Klaus Detterbeck, Eve Hepburn
Party Politics in Multi-Layered Systems. An analytical framework for Western and Central Eastern Europe

Jan Erk
Non-Territorial Millets and Territorial Jurisdiction in the Ottoman Empire

Yonatan T. Fessha
The territorial management of ethnic diversity in Ethiopia

Francis Garon
Deliberating Immigration and Integration in Western Societies

Thomas O. Hueglin
Federalism in the Asia-Pacific Region: India and the Federated States of Micronesia. Is There a Template for Multicultural Accommodation?

Erin K. Jenne, Natalia Andrea Peral
Creating an Ethnically Integrated Kosovo State? EU-Induced Devolution and the Kosovo Status Negotiations

Sabine Kropp, Karina Mikirova
Governance Networks in Use: Autocratic Federalism and Ethnic Conflict Management in Russian Regions

André Lecours
The Politics of Adopting Political and Institutional Responses to Diversity in a Developing Country in Transition: the Case of Nepal

Emanuele Massetti, Arjan H. Schakel
Decentralization and Regionalist Parties’ Electoral Strength: What Affects What and How?

Roberta Medda-Windischer
Conceptualizing a Common Approach for the Protection of Old and New Minorities

Ephraim Nimni
The Conceptual Challenge of Non-Territorial Autonomy

Marc Sanjaume i Calvet
Liberal Democracy and Secession: the difficult marriage of political divorce

Wilfried Swenden
Managing Diversity in India: From Integration to Accommodation?

István Gergő Székely
Intra-ethnic Competition and Cooperation among the parties of the Hungarian Minorities in Romania, Serbia and Slovakia

Simon Toubeau
The Dynamics of Territorial Restructuring in Western Europe. Critical Junctures and Reactive Sequences in the Development of Regional Government

Nicole Wichmann
Integration policy in federal Switzerland

Verena Wisthaler
Immigration and Regional Identity Politics – the case of South Tyrol (I)

Franziska M. Zahn
Stability in Multi-Lingual Federal States: The Politicization of Language Conflicts in Party Manifestos

Christina Zuber, Edina Szöcsik
Ethnic Outbidding and Nested Competition: Explaining the Nationalism of Ethnonational Minority Parties in Europe


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