Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster „Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration“

Preliminary Conference Programme

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hotel Graf Zeppelin, Konstanz

6 pm

Opening and Reception

Friday, 14 June 2013

University of Konstanz, Room V 1001

9 am


9.15–11 am
Panel 1: Accommodating Diversity and Territorial Dynamics in Established Democracies

Nicola McEwen (University of Edinburgh, UK): Embedded independence: Between autonomy and interdependence

César Colino (UNED Madrid, Spain): If asymmetry is the solution, what is the problem? Asymmetry and accommodation of national diversity in federations

Simon Toubeau (CEPC Madrid, Spain): Dynamics of territorial restructuring in Western Europe: Belgium, UK, Spain and Italy in comparative perspective

Franziska Zahn (HU Berlin, Germany): Stability in multi-lingual federal states: The politicization of language conflicts in party manifestos

11–11.30 am


11.30 am– 1 pm
Panel 2: Non-territorial or cultural autonomy in theory and practice

Jan Erk (University of Leiden, Netherlands): Non-territorial millets and territorial jurisdiction in the Ottoman empire

Ephraim Nimni (Queen’s University Belfast, UK): The Conceptual Challenge of Non-Territorial Autonomy

Tim Nieguth (Laurentian University, Barrie, Canada): After federalism: Renner, Althusius, and national autonomy in Canada

1–2 pm


2–3.30 pm
Panel 3: Accommodating Diversity in Central and Eastern Europe

Sabine Kropp, Karina Mikirova (DHV Speyer, Germany): Autocratic Federalism and Accommodation Policies in Russia

Erin Jenne, Natalia A. Peral (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary): Creating an Ethnically Integrated Kosovo State? EU-Induced Devolution and the Kosovo Status Negotiations

István Gergő Székely (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary): Intra-ethnic Competition and Cooperation among the Parties of the Hungarian Minorities in Romania, Serbia and Slovakia

3.30–4 pm


4–6 pm
Panel 4: Policies of accommodating diversity in emerging or partial democracies

Thomas O. Hueglin (Wilfried Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada): Federalism in the Asia-Pacific Region: Is There a Template for Accommodation?

Wilfried Swenden (University of Edinburgh, UK): Governing Diversity in Plural Societies – India – from integrationist to accommodationist?

André Lecours (University of Ottawa, Canada): The Politics of Adopting Political and Institutional Responses to Diversity in a Developing Country in Transition: the Case of Nepal

Yonatan Tesfaye Fessha (University of the Western Cape, South Africa): The territorial management of ethnic diversity in Ethiopia

7.30 pm

Conference Dinner

Saturday, 15 June 2013

University of Konstanz, Room V 1001

9–10.30 am
Panel 5: Normative and theoretical reflections on accommodating diversity

Doris Unger (University of Mainz, Germany): Cultural regulation and the justification of coercion

Marc Sanjaume-Calvet (University of Pompeu Fabre, Spain): Secession and Liberal Democracy: the difficult marriage of political divorce

Francis Garon (Glendon College, York University, Canada): Deliberating Immigration and Integration in Western Societies

10.30–11 am


11 am–1 pm
Panel 6: Immigrant and national minorities: accommodation or conflict intensification

Roberta Medda-Windischer (Eurac, Bozen, Italy): Conceptualising a common approach for the protection of old and new minorities

Julia von Blumenthal (HU Berlin, Germany): Accommodating cultural diversity in a unitary federal state: Islamic migration in Germany

Nicole Wichmann (Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland): Integration policy in federal Switzerland

Verena Wisthaler (Eurac, Bozen, Italy): Immigration and regional identity politics – the case of South Tyrol

1–2 pm


2–4 pm
Panel 7: Territorial Party Politics: Party Competition, Strategies and Dynamics

Klaus Detterbeck, Eve Hepburn (University of Magdeburg, Germany/University of Edinburgh UK): Party Politics in Multi-Layered Systems

Emanuele Massetti, Arjan H. Schakel (Gediz University, Turkey/Maastricht University, Netherlands): Decentralization and Regionalist Parties’ Electoral Strength: What Causes What?

Régis Dandoy (University of Zürich, Switzerland): Territorial Reforms, Decentralisation and Party Positions in Belgium

Christina Isabel Zuber, Edina Szöcsik (University of Zurich, Switzerland/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA): Ethnic Outbidding and Nested Competition: Explaining the Nationalism of Ethnonational Minority Parties in Europe

Closing of Conference



conference outline (pdf, 11 p.)