Universität KonstanzExzellenzcluster „Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration“

Liat Grayver

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Liat Grayver

2017 Graduation from the post-graduate program (Meisterschülerin) and 2015 MFA (Diplom) in painting, class of Heribert C. Ottersbach at the Art Academy of Leipzig
2016-18 Studies of Media Art at the Meisterklasse of Joachim Blank (HGB Leipzig)
Since January 2016 Collaboration with the University of Konstanz on the e-David Project, exploring various approaches to integrate robotic and computer languages in the processes of painting and creative image-making
2013–14 Studies of Intaglio at the Accademia di Belle Arti (Napoli, Italy)
2014 Studies of Monotype techniques under Mary Beth MacKenzie at the Art Student League (New York City)
2010–13 Private consultations with Neo Rauch in parallel to her studies at the HGB Leipzig
2008–09 Studies of Japanese calligraphy under Kazou Ishii at the Shiboku Studio (Haifa, Israel)
2005–07 Master Class of Israel Hershberg at the Jerusalem Studio School of Painting and Drawing (Israel)

Various institutions, including ELES Studienwerk, Leonardo scholarship and the DAAD, have supported Liat Grayver’s work and studies. Her works have been exhibited in galleries, art fairs, and museums around Europe, Israel, and South Korea. Since 2014, Liat Gravyer is based in Berlin and working in Berlin, Leipzig, Konstanz and Tel Aviv.

Research interests

The brushstroke— in its various manifestations— is the singular tool of communication that is encountered in paintings and drawings throughout all epochs, even as far back as prehistoric times. Liat Graver's primordial personal and artistic interest in undertaking this residency is to delve deeper into the study and exploration of the act of creating a painting, from the perspective of this most essential act— the process of making of a line— as opposed to the study of the painting itself— the artistic object.

Function within the Center

Fellow and Artist in Residence of the Institute for Advanced Study Konstanz (October 2018-July 2019)

Project „Human-Machine Interaction as a Neutral Base for a New Artistic and Creative Practice“